Lodoni Investment Trust


The Lodoni Investment Trust takes care of the member share administration and management of all funds collected by the RKSOSA.



Jese Veibuli


Semi Bulai Rarogoasau – General Secretary


Kalisi Ketenilagi – Treasurer


Waisea Davuiqalita – Trustee

Alivereti Yaya – Trustee


The Uniting Power of the iVolasiga Chapel

A dream from the 1940’s, for the school to have its own chapel, did not materialize until 29th May 2010 when the iVolasiga Chapel was dedicated and opened for use. The most significant push for the chapel construction started in 1990 but the fundraising had started way earlier in the form of an annual collection in the late 40’s. We can vaguely recall coming to RKS in 1984 with one basket of yaqona kasa for planting; the yaqona plants when matured would be uprooted and sold to contribute to the Chapel construction funds.

It wasn’t until 1991 that the foundation stone was laid and the fundraising and building continued until the final series of chapel fundraising drives held in 2009. Between 1991 and 2008, the number of old scholars turning up to the annual Lodoni Day varied but remained relatively low. By the time it was completed, a total of $FJ 1.5 million had been utilized.

The number of old scholars, former teachers, current students, teachers and parents, the surrounding villages, community and school friends that turned up for the iVolasiga dedication service in May 2010 however, was the highest ever in a single gathering. This led the RKSOSA Executive Committee and the old scholars themselves to wonder what they would do next. As if completing the iVolasiga had opened the door to a whole lot of new possibilities.


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Golden Heron Project


What is next? Having secured the lease for Lot 5 Knolly Street, the next step is to construct a building complex that will house the RKSOSA Office, can be used for meetings and fundraising, will offer short and long term commercial and residential space rental, and generate revenue for the association.