2019 Lodoni Festival Surpasses $100k

The Jetset Heron RKSOB had a lot of ideas and they managed to pull all of them off. It started with a single bula shirt base design with th3 color and logo of the four houses being the difference. The Tebara branch organised their own which was a nice touch given the Flying Fijians’ shock loss to Uruguay that guaranteed their pool stage exit.

They introduced the two day festival beginning with touch rugby, 15 a side and the evening AGM – a huge hit. Then the traditional Saturday Fundraising with a twist. Each house had to collect at least $10,000 in Round 1 to qualify for Round 2, the Battle Round.

In the end, Degei pulled $3,000 plus more than Ma’afu from somewhere to win. The grand total, slightly over $101k!!!

Vinaka Lodoni!

Next year, the RKSOB from Ra Province will host Lodoni Day at Rakiraki and Nanukuloa.

Ma’e Na Kai Lodoni Ma’e