Au Kaya Mada – U18 RKS v Cuvu Match Analysis

Great Game by our Lodoni Gladiators, one of the Best repeated phases of play (20+ phases) I’ve ever seen from any rugby union team in Fiji, Ball security and control at its very best.
But the game is not over yet , we’ve got one more game to go .
Coming our way in the Grand Finale of the Deans Competition 2019 is a Blue category 5 cyclone, which has the same capability as playing out of shear guts to create upsets.
Even though it was a great win in Sigatoka, there are few weaknesses which resulted in the close score margin during the Cuvu game:

1. Our line of defence was constantly penetrated by the Cuvu offensive play which resulted in Cuvu’s tries. (Defence inside support player not effective)
2. Our goal kickers’ low success rate. Also their tactical kicking was way off target. The Cuvu fullback easily read our kicker’s intention. (he windy condition did not help perhaps)
3. Cuvu was making way too easy yards when in possession.
4. Aerial ball from kicks were not contested by our outside backs which resulted in a try.
5. Two soft tries by Cuvu … the charge down and the aerial ball …. more effort on positional play required.

But our coaching team is well aware of these deficiencies and the Lodoni Brigade will be displaying breathtaking rugby yet again come the Grand Finale in Saturday.

LET’S STAY HUMBLE and All the Best in the preparation this finals week. May the Lord Almighty bring good health and provide endless guidance to the management and 2019 RKS DEANS TEAM.

By Savirio Matairakula (edited)
Photo of the U18 Support Team with kind courtesy of Mary Senikarawa
Disclaimer: This piece contains the opinions of the author and does not reflect in any way the official position of the RKSOSA and