Mai Lodoni Mai Celebration Song and CD

Retired educator and former lead singer of the timeless Senidawadawa Serenaders, Sekove Vadei Senior, had composed a song titled “Mai Lodoni Mai” to commemorate and celebrate the historical achievement of the six Ratu Kadavulevu School rugby teams in the 2017 FSSRU Dean Championship. For those who came in late, all Lodoni teams from the Under 14 through to the Under 19, won the Deans Trophy for their respective grades, sparking a series of celebrations locally and abroad.

The song, according to manager, Joe Qalubau, is dedicated to the six RKS rugby teams and everyone who had helped in making it possible.

Although a celebration song was performed at Lodoni during the RKS Deans Clean Sweep Celebrations, Master Vadei wanted a memorable song with catchy tune that everyone would be able to get on a CD. One idea was to combine all RKS and Deans victory songs on a CD but time was going to be a challenge.

“Mai Lodoni Mai” was played for the first time at the Lodoni Day event and became an instant hit.

Lead vocal Sekove Vadei Junior and the rest of the band, then worked day and night to put together five more popular Senidawadawa Serenaders hits from over the years, and launched the “Mai Lodoni Mai” and the CD on Friday 20th October at the Sukuna Dorm 29, next to Lot 5 Knolly Street today, at the RKSOB Ratu Sukuna Alumni Lodoni Day De-Brief and BBQ.

If you missed out on the event, you can get a CD at your local Procera Music outlet for $10.

For those OBs in other parts of Fiji where there are no Procera shops, and those overseas, email Manager JQ to place your order.